Using the argument that if abortion were to become illegal then the women who supposedly “need” abortions would simply turn to illegal abortions and be less safe is simply entirely stupid.

First, legal abortions are not safe.

Second, the amount of abortions people have would no doubt significantly decrease if abortion was made illegal and obviously that would result in less women dying or being injured from abortions ( and less babies dying from abortions! ).

Third, to be completely honest, if you have an abortion and are injured it’s your own fault for getting one in the first place. Saying it isn’t is like saying that if you punch yourself in the face and it hurts it’s not your fault. My point? If women get illegal abortions after abortion is made illegal and are injured or die, it’s not our fault for making it illegal. We didn’t force them to get an abortion, we are the ones trying to warn them about how dangerous it is!