terracottawarrior-deactivated20 said: Can I ask where your belief of pro-life comes from? Is it from religious beliefs and morals, or something you have thought about and decided on yourself? I'm not trying to bag out these or any other reasons, but I'm just wondering where your standing on this debate stems from. I, myself, am Catholic, was raised Catholic, but I'm pro-choice, so I've down my own research and come to my own conclusion. I'm just wondering what your influences were when deciding to support pro-life.

Hello :) I also am a Catholic and was raised that way, but my pro-life beliefs are not solely religious. Just knowing that the fetus is a separate human being with its own DNA is enough for me. I also believe that abortion…”casualizes” sex. It makes it more for the pleasure than anything else, and it takes away the unique gift women have of bringing a new human being into the world through love. And then as a Catholic, I believe sex is to bring a husband and wife closer and to manifest their love in a great gift—a baby.

Here are a few links that I think might help you:



Hope this helps. God bless!